As the voice of school leaders in the state, The Rhode Island Association of School Principals provides the principal’s perspective on critical issues in contemporary education. RIASP has speaks out on both the state and federal level and uses its presence to inform and influence the people who create policies that regulate our schools.

The RIASP Immediate Action Group informs and responds to educational policy proposals, helps develop RIASP position statements, responds to media and press inquiries, and works closely with the Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education in Rhode Island and the RIDE Leadership Team. The team consists of four RIASP officers - President, President-Elect, NASSP Coordinator, and NAESP Representative - and the RIASP Executive Director.

RIASP Members may contact any member of the RIASP IAG with questions, concerns and suggestions.

Advocacy Reports

Periodically, RIASP and its affiliated groups will have updates on advocacy efforts at both the local and national level. When these are released, we will host them here to keep all of our members up to date and informed. Updates can be found here:

Advocacy Reports

RIASP Immediate Action Group

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