February Updates from College Board: 

Benefits of the SAT® Suite

Are you wondering whether you want to use the PSAT™ 8/9 assessment?  PSAT 8/9 offers many benefits to students and teachers, helping students determine what they need to work on most so that they’re ready for college when they graduate from high school—and it supports educators as they guide the way.

A Head Start

The PSAT 8/9 tests the same skills and knowledge as the SAT, PSAT/NMSQT®, and PSAT™ 10—in a way that makes sense for eighth and ninth graders. It measures what they’re already learning in their classrooms, shows them whether they’re on track for college, and lets them know where they need the most improvement. This means students have time to tackle these areas long before they take the SAT.

Personalized Practice

Students over age 13 can share their scores with Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy® to create a personalized practice experience. It’s the best way to prepare for other tests in the SAT Suite of Assessments, and it’s free.

 Additional Benefits

  • PSAT 8/9 can be given during a flexible fall and/or spring testing window, including the same day as the SAT School Day and PSAT 10
  • Results are included in the SAT Suite of Assessments Reporting Portal where you can run reports, look for trends, and get files to import into your student information system
  • Students and teachers can access AP Potential™, a tool that identifies ninth graders likely to succeed in AP World History or AP European History
  • Students can access Roadtrip Nation’s career roadmaps, helping them see where their interests can take them

If you’d like to learn more about PSAT 8/9, review the Educators’ Guide to the PSAT Related Assessments in our Resource Library, or contact Dena Johnson (djohson@collegeboard.org) today.


December/January Updates:

From time to time, relevant information will be posted on the RIASP website, from the College Board, which will assist you in navigating this SAT and PSAT assessment process.  

Are you ready for the SAT® School Day and PSAT™10, coming this April? 

Here are a few resources available to you today:

  • The SAT Suite of Assessments Teacher Implementation Guide – this guide provides an overview of the assessments, sample questions, skill-building strategies, and “Keys to the SAT.”  Review it in staff meetings or PLCs.
  • Professional Development Modules for Educators – These ten PowerPoint presentations with facilitator’s notes will walk your staff through the information they need to know to help students prepare for the assessments.  Review test specifications, sample questions, scores and reports for each section of the SAT and PSAT 10.
  • SAT Practice (satpractice.org) - learn about free Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy, access 16 lesson plans related to Official SAT Practice, and download all eight SAT practice tests and scoring information.  
  • SAT Daily Practice App – available in the App Store and through Google Play, get the SAT Question of the Day, score practice assessments, and link to Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy.

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