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The Rhode Island Association of School Principals (RIASP) is a   non-profit organization dedicated to supporting school principals as the leaders of today’s schools, teachers, and students.

As the state’s leading professional association for school principals, RIASP serves its 500+ membership by educating, lobbying, and collaborating on behalf of the broad range of issues facing Rhode Island principals.


Mini-Grant Opportunities 

  • Develop and support “Communities of Practice” teams to focus/strategically “deep dive” on a component of “Teaching and Learning” and/or a content area 
  • Focus: alignment with teaching and learning elements of the evaluation system: (i.e. Questioning, Higher Order thinking, Student Engagement, STEM. Etc). Funding: may support substitutes, stipends for teachers, a consultant if needed, etc. Video support will be made available. 
  • Initiate, select, and support a cadre of “Excellent School Sites” that are prepared to “showcase” excellence in systems that are key to supporting teaching and learning
  • Focus: Highlight institutionalized sets of practices that support teaching and learning (i.e. RTI, PBIS, Standards-based grading; College and Career Ready Strategies, etc.) Funding: may be used to pay for substitutes for visiting school staff and/or site needs, etc.
  • Engage highly effective school principals in the NAESP K-12 “Principal-to Principal Mentorship” model to support/coach beginning principals

Focus: Build a cadre of highly trained leaders to support new or struggling leaders. Funding: may be used to pay the training fee of$1249.00 for Leadership Immersion Institute Training and Certification Program (2.5 days training with 9 month certification internship), cost of travel, potential stipends, etc. 


Focus: Build a cadre of leaders who have enhanced their executive leadership skills. Engage veteran principals in the McKinsey Executive Leadership Courses


Funding: may be used to cover on line course fees: $2500.00 per course: 3 courses available: Team Management, Communicating for Impact, Mastering Challenging Conversations

  • Provide Leadership in Blended Learning Training for a cohort of education leaders K-12, with facilitators trained by the Friday Institute, University of North Carolina


Focus: Prepare school leaders to lead the implementation of Blended Learning in their schools/districts. Funding: may be used to cover course  fees: $400.00 for the series (5 days of training) 

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Get updates about RIASP's Strategic Plan process here: riasp.planforstrategy.com


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